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I Like Results and I Cannot Lie

In this episode of the Next 90, Nick shares with the Nation the Nitty Gritty of everything it takes to do a 90-day challenge. You asked for it and he is delivering. Once you set yourself in motion on this chunked down, 90-day journey, your life will never be the same. Nick challenges the Nation to prove him wrong. Grab a pen and dive in. If you do the work the outcome will change your life.

Topic #1

What It Is

  • This is the Next 90 with Nick, and this is the challenge based, living podcast. Life should be chunked down into 90-day increments that will give you more results in 90 days than most get in a years time. This is not a magic pill or a get quick rich scheme. Roll up your sleeves and do the work but with intention and it will empower you.
  • Nick is a 38-year-old entrepreneurial male who is married and has two kids. Nick has built several businesses over 18 years that have done over 400 million dollars in combined revenue. He has made some foolish choices over the years and spent money on stuff, like cars, and women and houses.; Because he was emotionally bankrupt.
  • Nick has always known how to make money, just wasn’t great at holding on to it. Now he knows his purpose, and they are still building towards this one word. That word is Legacy. You need to find your word, and then feed and water the hell out of it. If this is the first time listening, go back and listen to the prior 61 episodes. Even if you are not a first-time listener, go back and refresh your mind. You have picked a great episode to start listening. We are going to discuss, just how have they have all done it. How are they making this work? It’s very simple but not easy.

It’s like climbing stairs and you realize, Holy Shit, look how far I’ve come and look how far I can go. I continue to go and I continue to grow.” Nick

Topic #2   

How It Works

  • So many people have told Nick that they get what he is saying, but they want to know how to do a 90-day challenge. First of all, you need to download the Gap Map. A guide to help you understand where you are in your current state. What is your weight, what are you eating, are you sweating?  Is your body serving you at the highest level? The body is the core of the CORE 4.
  • Start with the Gap Map. Right down your body facts, your weight, what you eat where are you at on a scale from 1-10. Where are you at in your Being, your spirituality. Nick believes that God is inside of him. Do you have a connection, a higher purpose, beyond living paycheck to paycheck?
  • This podcast will live on forever, so this is part of Nick’s purpose. It will carry on. Where are you at in your purpose, what do you believe? Do you meditate? You don’t need to be religious or a certain age to meditate. Even Nicks kids meditate. He stops them and looks them in the eyes and tells them to take three deep breaths and it calms them down.
  • Where are you at in your relationships? Do you deposit daily into your spouse and children with intention? They need to know that you love them. When you deposit into them via text or email or whatever, they know that you are intentional and that you love them. It isn’t rocket science. When all of these things are in order, he goes out and produces. He is clear and certain in his business and can reinvest in people around him.

“I create the fire that I need to produce to get the fruit that I want. That is the basis of the 90-day challenge.” – Nick

Topic #3

What It Takes

  • Understanding where you are and where you want to go. Where do want to be in 12 months?
  • So at first you will want a million dollars, have sex all the time and a six-pack. That is all great but out of the realm, especially if you only have 3 dollars in your bank account you haven’t had sex with your wife in 6 months and a beer belly. If you’re out of sorts in all aspects, you may get close, but you need to chunk it down. What could you do in 90 days? Prove this formula wrong, do this for 90 days and if your life is not substantially better, come on his show and he will figure out why.
  • You need to look for an outcome that is either a yes or a no. Nick talked about the 90/90 challenge. He hurt his shoulder, so he delayed his 90 burpees a day for 90 days. It’s going to be horrible, but Nick can measure it. He will post a before and after picture. The result will be that he will lose his love handles. Mr. X will be coming back on, and his body is radically different. It was because he started to train for a triathlon. The triathlon was the outcome, the work was the process, and the result was he lost more than 10 pounds.
  • Where do you want to go to in your Being? Nicks Being challenge was to complete his Warrior certification. He had put it off but finally finished it. The outcome was to get his ring, the path was the work, and the result was he fell in love with himself. Everything started to work because of it.
  • What about your balance? Commit to going on ten dates with your wife or your kids. Take a selfie each time and create an album at the end of the 90 days and present it to your spouse. Nick did this with 90 days worth of text messages given to his wife in a journal on a trip to Hawaii.
  • What about your business? Can you make some extra money? Can you get a raise in 90 days? The outcome is getting a raise; the work is come up with a way to innovate things, the result is getting a raise. If you can’t get a raise, stop watching t.v. at night and figure out how to make more money. Uber Eats, there are just so many ways to make extra money.
  • Figure out what you want and start kicking ass. What is standing in the way? It’s you and your habits, your process. You are going to have to get up a little bit early, work a little harder. Start doing something different to get a different result.

“Look at your life and question everything. The power of the questions you ask will determine the size of the answers you get.”- Nick


Topic #4

What You Get

  • Get real and figure out where you want to be in your Body, Balance, Being and Business and set a 90-day target. Go public and tell people what you are doing. You will be more accountable. Get the Gap Map, write down the honest facts. Fuck the feelings.
  • Where do you want to be across the board, and what is a measurable result that will get you the outcome you want. Build a plan backward of how you are going to get there. It’s all reverse engineering. You do the Core 4 every single day, putting yourself in a place of power every day in your Body, Being, Balance, and Business. You get one point for each.
  • So in the Next 90 days, Nick for his body challenge will do 90 burpees a day for 90 days. His Being challenge is he will coach total 24 personal coaching clients at the end of his 90-day challenge. Nick will have to live at a whole new level of commitment. His Balance challenge is to take his wife on this trip and frame up his life so he can completely disconnect from business for the ten days they are there. His Business Challenge is to enroll 24 men in his coaching challenges. That would be close to 350,000.00 brought into the Nation.
  • Those are examples of Nick’s 90-day outcomes. You have to come up with specific, measurable outcomes of your own. And you need to look at it at 30 and 60 days and make sure you are on track, and course correct if you need to. You need to get up earlier, Work out, drink a green smoothie and meditate and visualize yourself hitting all of those outcomes. Then you are going to journal what you realized through your meditation. Then you’re going to grab your phone and video record a message for your wife, your kids and send it to them. Then you are going to figure out how much you are going to make and study, and declare on how to get there. Track your progress at the end of the week.

“Get the Gap Map, write down the honest facts; Fuck the feelings.”- Nick

Closing Thoughts

  • You need to hit your Core 4  every single day. You can do anything for 90 days. And if you do it right, you will hit it, and your life will never be the same. You will have an unfound belief in yourself that you can do it. You will do what is required to do it to get there. Financial gains, sexually connected to your spouse. This only works if you work it. If you want to join in, and want to be part of his Mastermind, email him at
  • So that’s how you build a 90-day challenge. That’s it. If you want Nick’s help and throw yourself into the fire email Nick. Go all in on yourself, not just financially, but spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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