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The Right Hand Of Nick

In this episode of The Next 90, Nick is joined in the studio by his friend, business partner, part-time therapist and right hand, Heather Griffin. Even though they were brought together by a Craigslist Ad and Chandeliers, the partnership between Nick and Heather has grown over the past 10 years into a working relationship that works for them. With Heather running the day-to-day and having a strong moral compass, she has been a fit for Nick since day one. Their relationship works because she is dedicated to his success and he has shown up for her, where very few have.


Topic #1

Heather is in the house

  •  Nick opens this episode by introducing to the nation his friend, business partner, right hand, part-time therapist Heather Griffin. Heather initially worked for Nick 10 years ago, and they came back together five years ago. They now run media mix together and have 85 employees. She calls Nick the shiny pretty one, and she runs the day-to-day and keeps the company on track with targets and goals that Nick sets.
  • Heather came to know Nick through Craigslist when she answered an ad for a call center manager position. There were pictures of half-naked women hanging everywhere and chandeliers. She wondered to herself what she was getting herself into it looked pretty shady. She interviewed some people that were there, and they said that she had to meet Nick. Nick clarified at the office had a promotional modeling agency sharing the office space with him that’s why they were the posters of the women and the chandeliers. He walked in and his sequined and cowboy boots. She thought Nick was extreme.
  • Nick asked her two or three questions and said she needed to meet his business partners. He didn’t know how to operate a business, and she had a lot of it business experience it was very organized. She had this big binder she walked into her interview with, and it had tabs. He’d never seen that before all his years. She interviewed him, and he didn’t pass, but she ended up working for him anyway. They were building the company up From The Bottom. They opened a new office, and they sat, at Nicks desk for a few weeks going through every painstaking decision. And the business grew quickly
  • He was committed to making his business grow and for people. Even through the bad times she always sees him as the best version of himself. Heather is very ethical and rigid and knows what she believes and sticks to her convictions. She knew he was driven and confident. Nick is generous and his given cars to people scholarships a full set of teeth and even a wedding. Heather has been there through all of his ups and downs in his personal life and his struggles

“Nick has always been committed to making his business grow and to his passion for people. Even through the bad times she always saw him as the best version of himself”-  Heather

Topic #2   

Douche Mode

  • Heather recalls the day Nick showed up at work in his red Ferrari, she called it douche mode. He pulled into the back of the building and parked diagonally next to the accessible parking space. Nick recalls the first day he had it driving from Newport Beach out to Chino Hills to his Dad’s house. His Dad has MS and sits out on his front porch a lot, and Nick knew his Dad would be outside so he rolled up in it and his Dad was beaming. He couldn’t get In the car, but he was still proud of his son.
  • Nick went through a gnarley break up with his business partner. Heather said they had to lay off a hundred employees, but they set up a job fair, resume writing, and 100% of the employees had a new job that week. The business partners picked up Heather, which didn’t work out in the long run. But Nick and Heather went their separate ways for a while.
  • After about five years had passed Heather text Nick and asked if he needed any help and Nick said yes. Nick’s grandfather had recently died, and he was with Nicole. Heather was married now and Pregnant. The second time around was different; their lives were filled with more purpose now. At first, it was, and the big business he bought was pretty much just one customer. He was the bread-and-butter client and decided to pull his company and go elsewhere. They got evicted from the building they were leasing because it sold. Nick was getting married and ready to go on his honeymoon.
  • Heather went through it with him. He came back from his honeymoon with Nicole pregnant and Heather left on her maternity leave. She always believed in him though. Nicole and Heather are his moral compass. They had four kids, a wedding, we’re in Three offices, all in the first two to three years of business. Enter first calendar year of business they did $3000000 despite all of that even after they moved into an office that they couldn’t afford it increased productivity. Nick has always said to put purpose over profits. They wanted to build something that was sustainable scalable and ethical.

“ Heather always had a great ability to see the Predators coming and I was a terrible judge of Character.” –  Nick

Topic #3

Wooden Dildos and a Bunch of Men

  • Before Warrior Nick picked a networking group that Heather didn’t like. They were bad. She Googled them, and all she would say was there was something about it wooden dildos, in the woods with a bunch of men. Nick took Warrior to Heather and showed her the video. At first, she thought this is something she would hate some man screaming at her chasing uphill on the beach. But she thought it would be great for him. His interest in energy when he came back from Warrior week was incredible. He now had a Brotherhood of men who he was vulnerable with, and it gave him the discipline and focus he needed.
  • Nick was never organized before, but now he writes down his intents and goals and follows through with them. In the beginning, Heather was just as an employee who was given the tasks to execute to achieve his goals. Now after all this time, he sees things in Heather she never saw in herself. Nick made her write down her goals and then told her those were bullshit and he tripled all of them. Heather said she didn’t like to write down her goals because if she didn’t obtain them, she would feel shame. Nick told Heather if she never reached for them she would never have them. She found that piece of paper recently, and she has surpassed every goal that was written down.
  • You have to see yourself as more significant than you are. When Nick is doing the work, he is calmer, has certainty and clarity. Heather remember how Nick 10 years ago wanted to be a motivational speaker. So to see him doing this coach and gives her confidence. As a friend, she is proud of him. Feels it has given him peace, thought he was always looking for love and validation. Financially secure and emotionally bankrupt. Heather is still on a path of self-discovery. She has always been passionate about helping women. Money has never been important to Heather, but she realizes she has to better her family. As always but money buys options. Just the fear of sustaining it exists.

“Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s an understanding that what you desire is greater than what you fear.”- Heather

Closing Thoughts

  • 90-day challenges are about pushing people past their limits to find their power. Warrior has been great for both of them. Nick was working hard in the business but not on it. The discipline and Clarity he has achieved, his Circles of friends has dramatically improved also. With Nick ascending it gave Heather the opportunity to expand her wings. He gave her a lot of reasons for her to quit but because they never quit on each other, they impacted not only their lives but others. He is always shown up for her, and all the other stuff is just noise and chaos.
  • They do these morning meetings within the company which began specifically out of sheer survival. They have everyone write down their goals, and put it on a sticky note and stick it on next door. Nick’s employees come to him and tell him what they did. It has raised the accountability through visibility.
  • Remember, he meant to say. What he did say was in front of 60 people, if you don’t know what Heather and I are capable of when we come together, Heather and I have worked together, and it had a tremendous amount of sex. Her face drop, he kept talking, everyone was laughing. Now every time he says, they lose it. Nick says Heather has this. He knows she does. He appreciates her so much.
  • If you would like a spot in The Mastermind Class, there are three more seats, and registration is closing August 6th. Nick is building men, and encouraging men to invest in themselves this podcast is free, but Mastermind is not; It isn’t cheap. But investing in yourself never is. If you are interested in Mastermind, email

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