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The Ragin’ Cajun

In this episode of the Next 90, Nick is joined by Kevin Voisin, his Warrior brother. Kevin is from Louisiana and shares with the Nation his journey to being a great Dad. Following a divorce and his kids move 9 hours away, the trek to see them every other weekend led to his awakening as a father. Now as the Head Coach for the Warrior Movement, Kevin is the light in the night and he wakes up fucking giants. He has leveled up his life in massive ways, as a man and a father; he will awaken the giant within you.

Topic #1

Planking and Revelation

  • Nick begins this episode by introducing to the Nation, Kevin Voisin. A brother from the Wake Up Warrior movement. This podcast with the duo has been a long time coming. They have both come a long way and share that it is fun to sit across from each other as new men.
  • Before the Warrior movement, Nick would throw life rafts out to everyone around him, but would never ask for one for himself. That is because he used to be a liar, now he is radically honest. The men met in 2015 along with another brother, Don Cash. Don was an Adonis type, Kevin is 6’4”, 300 lbs. Nick really didn’t want to fight them. Within minutes of starting the Warrior Week, they were planking along Pacific Coast Highway, and it was hot as fuck.
  • Kevin was struggling and Garrett J. White, the founder of the Wake Up Warrior movement, got in his face. He told him to explain to his brothers why they are going to be doing way more planks all week; because you can’t hold one for 10 seconds. You have let your body go so bad, that it’s hurting everyone around you.

“Within the first 30 seconds of Warrior Week, I got that revelation. I got my money’s worth. ”- Kevin

Topic #2   

Family First

  • Kevin is family first. He left his first wife and she moved with the kids to Austin, Texas. He drove 9 hours each way, every other weekend for 5 years. Once he gave his ex-wife permission to move near her family, it happened so quick. He came home and she had a ton of people packing up the house. Kevin’s Dad came and told him that nothing good would come from being there during that process. He told him to leave.
  • Kevin came home at 9 pm, he opened the door and the house was empty. He was completely in shock and dropped the pen in his hand and heard it echo through the house. It finally hit him. He sent his kids 9 hours away. She put all of his stuff in storage and took everything. Even all of the food. Kevin hates cats, but he bought one. The house was too quiet and he couldn’t sleep. It just helped to have something else in the house. He didn’t want to hear the deafening noise of his decision.
  • He lives an hour south of New Orleans. He never wanted to make the drive to Austin. That 9-hour drive was just him sitting and thinking, what the fuck? He felt literally alone. It forced him to realize that his family is his. And he is the one that controls what that looks like. He has always been a present father. Some men stay in a dysfunctional relationship with the kids, but what they are showing their kids is that dysfunction is normal. Kevin had 12 years of “It’s for the Kids,” and it just fucked up the kids. He had a great Dad and an abusive Mom, but his Dad made up for both.
  • Kevin found that his ex-was trying to poison his kids against him. He’s 9-year-old son was upset because he heard the adults saying that Kevin murdered a family. He was afraid his Dad would burn in hell. He took it literally. Kevin had cheated on his first wife and it led to the breakup. He had to explain that no one was dead, but their family was. He had to be raw and real.
  • Kevin remembers a time he went into his Dad’s office and realized how little influence he was having on his kids. His access to them was limited because of his ex-wife. He was crying to his Dad and his Dad was just laughing at him. He explained that Kevin wasn’t describing a divorced Dad. He was describing what it is to be a Dad, period. As a father, you will often feel that you aren’t enough. To be a great father, to have an impact, you need to show up, connect, and go all in. Be who you are; try, care and love.

“My wife and I went to a parenting class. They said that we just needed to be good 30% of the time and the kids would be fine.”- Nick

Topic #3

Showing Up

  • What did Kevin’s Dad mean to him? He always showed up. He did what he could and was there. He threw the ball, whatever the ball was at the time. He fucked up all the time but kept trying. Kevin’s abusive Mom caused him to be an overachiever. His Dad raised him to be a leader without him knowing he was doing it. Kevin wants to leave a giant Legacy like his Dad did. When he passed away he passed on the gauntlet to him. He truly became a man with that happening, because that safety net was now gone.
  • On a trip to Austin to see his kids, there was a huge ice storm and it took him 19 hours to get there instead of the usual 9. He past hundreds of accidents. His ex-wife and her father kept calling and texting him not to chance it. He thought fuck that; I promised my kids. He gets there and his daughter busts through the door and says, “ I told them you would come.” It made the whole trip worth it; he showed up.
  • When Kevin was 12 he went to the zoo. There was a moment there that colored who he was. At the gorilla pen, Kevin and his family got to watch them feeding the gorillas. They are powerful animals. The gorillas are just sitting there, catching their food in the air. Something happened in the pen and the animals all went apeshit. The giant gray gorilla started to run and scooped up his kids and his mate and stuck them in a corner of this enclosure. He just stood there in between them and open area. And then the gorilla shits and pisses himself.  
  • A snake had gotten into the pen, a 6-foot water moccasin. The gorilla started to pound and slap the ground. The power of it was just shaking the ground that Kevin was standing on. He slapped and pounded the snake, over and over. And then the gorilla looks up into the crowd and starts to just yell like he was saying, I will protect my family, fuck you! So much primal power. Kevin didn’t realize until he was older than he witnessed the awakening of a father.

“Every time I hear that story, I see Kevin, at that moment, as that gorilla, protecting his family.”-Nick

Closing Thoughts

  • Parenting is a long game. You have to hold onto the truth. The expectation for fathers is so low, it’s time to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Kevin is awakening fathers and shaking them up so they don’t fuck up their kids. If this is resonating with anyone, go to and find out more about Kevin. He is the light in the night and he wakes up fucking giants. Kevin is an amazing coach and a guide. This man who was asleep now wakes the giants within. Don’t hesitate, go to
  • Kevin remembers telling Nick to do something about his drinking when they had their first pod call. Nick told Kevin he needed to start to see his own value and start to shine. They have become the men they didn’t think were possible. Over the last 3 years, they have held each other accountable to the truth.
  • Kevin has a wife Whitney who is an alpha wife. A cross fit goddess, and the love of his life. His oldest daughter Hunter is heading to Brigham Young University. His son Michael who is 15 is giant. He wears a size 15 shoe. There is Isabella who is 13 and from Whitney’s past relationship. He loves Isabella because she is just like him. Elle is 11 and is an artist and painter. And they have Liam who is 3 and wants to be called Deadpool. He has never seen the movie but caught a 30-second clip of it. The family recently went through airport security and the only ID for kids is they ask the kid how old he is and his name. He asked Liam how old he was and Liam answered, I am Deadpool.
  • Kevin leveled up his life in massive ways. As a man and as a father. He will awaken the giant in you.


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