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Mr. Y Unveiled

In this episode of the Next 90, Nick is joined in the studio by Mr. Y. Shedding his cloak of anonymity, Mr. Y shares with the Nation his experience at Blackout 00. Still reeling from it, he is ready to return. It has renewed him and his relationship with his wife and children. When you show up as a man and a king, there isn’t anything you can’t do.


Topic #1

Who is the Man behind the “Y”

  • Nick begins this episode by introducing Mr. Y. He joined Mr. X and Mr. Z by radically shifting their lives through the next 90. Mr. Y is in the house. He is Trevor Smith, a 40-year-old man who owns 2 businesses that are making 8 figures, and is married with 3 kids.
  • Trevor just came out of Blackout 00 and is still reeling. It was tough and he wasn’t prepared, but he loved it. When you reach and go beyond your threshold, there is a power there that you start to crave more of. The Brotherhood, the freedom you get. You go there with baggage and come home weightless. Equipped with new tools and new labels that empower him.
  • The men have known each other as friends. Trevor reached out to Nick 2 years ago and then again just recently. Nick told him it would be the best thing for him. Literally designed for guys like them. He was going through stuff he needed to handle 2 years ago. It was all about timing for him. Nick told Trevor he needed to stop living life by his rules and live by the principles Nick was going to set for him.

“I was all in. I had seen the changes in Nick and I was ready.” – Trevor

Topic #2   

Simple Accountability

  • Trevor was hesitant about the Core 4. Especially the meditation. As he got into it, his day became more active and not reactive. He was able to separate the stuff in his head, to be more focused. It has brought his son and his closer. Trevor had to set an intention, then tap himself into his body and soul. Started doing his Core 4 before hitting the door in the morning. He started leaving the house every day with a new energy.
  • All Nick did was hold him accountable to the Core 4. His life started to shift. Rule #1 was trust the process, so he did the Blackout Experience. Came into Blackout posturing. He wasn’t worried about the physical, but the emotion got him. The biggest takeaway from the experience is that Trevor went in thinking his problems were bigger than anyone else’s. The entire process, everyone had a different breaking point. But he realized coming out, he could do anything.
  • The first 2 ½ hours he thought he was going into heart failure. But they were all there for each other. The threshold is a different kind of power because it’s coming from your heart. He made 2 lifelong friends. Now he still has Warrior Week to go to and he can’t wait.

“Wondering if you can or cannot complete the next step. The bond of brotherhood drove them through.”- Nick


Topic #3

Greatest Experience Ever

  • Trevors marriage was rough over the years and now it’s amazing. His wife is now looking at Warrior Women. He is collaborating and co-creating with his queen. They did a guided meditation together with Nick and the next day Trevor was late for the Core 4 exercise. Trevor sent a text and said he spent the night connecting with his wife and he felt like they were discovering each other for the first time again. They sat up for hours, talking, laughing and making love. The emotional connection and trust have gone back to where it should be.
  • Trevor’s wife sent him a beautiful text thanking him. When you show up as a man and a king, there isn’t anything you can’t do. The texts have always been a way to touch base. But now it’s a way to share in each others day without expectations of being answered. It’s hard to describe what Blackout is. It’s the single greatest experience and he will do it again with his son before he goes to college.
  • Trevor has a clear idea now of where he is going and how to get there. The Core 4 alone, if he misses any part of it, it’s like leaving the house without a shoe. The possibilities are endless. Financially he has already blown through his goals before the 90 days. As long as he sticks to his gap map and the things he needs to do, he will keep blowing through them. He is calm, confident. He loved Coach Gerritt Bake but he learned that he loves himself.

“We are always trying to prove ourselves, but tapping into that worthiness, the possibilities are out of this world.”- Trevor


Closing Thoughts

  • Trevor thought that Blackout would be something like Warrior Week. He followed the 5 rules and got way more out of it then he thought he would. Once you’re exposed to this life you realize you’re the problem and the solution.
  • It is all non-judgemental people and tough love. The more you love yourself the more you step into your potential. Trevor held back watching Nick for 2 years. Is empowering and the single greatest decision he has made for himself. When he focuses on his balance, his body, and his being, his business falls right into place.
  • Trevor came out on fire. It put the icing on the cake. Everything he did up unto that point, he saw the results. Accountability means everything. Blackout in one word for him was Amazing. In the Next 90, Trevor will be hitting all of his goals and then on to the next one. He is headed to Warrior Week and taking his family to Poland. He is also committing to 90 days of sobriety.

You can do anything for 90 days. Then re-calibrate, celebrate and recalculate. Blackout 01 is coming up the end of July. If you are wanting to apply, email If you are ready to level up and download the Gap Map head over to

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