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What Are You Waiting For?

In this episode of the Next 90 with Nick, Gerritt Bake is introduced to the Nation from beautiful downtown, Huntington Beach, CA. A brother in The Warrior Community, Gerritt shares his journey from Police Officer, upholding the law, to a man who chose work over his family. Diving into a world of sedation and dishonesty, nearly destroyed Gerritts world, but his inner voice redirected him to becoming the man his family always needed; The man he always wanted to be.

Topic #1

Bordertown Blues

  • Nick opens the episode by introducing to the Nation, Gerritt Bake. They have set up a makeshift studio in a hotel room in Huntington Beach, Ca. Minutes before Gerritt was live on Facebook and shared that you should not let resource be your excuse for not getting shit done. And so they are not.
  • Gerritt is lives in Mesa, Arizona. He has been married for 18 years and has 3 children. He is a Certified Trainer, in the brotherhood with Nick. Together they have bled, sacrificed and continue to hold each other accountable. Born and raised in Nogales, which is a border town that most people leave after they graduate from High School; Gerritt did just that. He recalls an event from when he was a kid and his soccer coach was a police officer. One night his coach was on patrol and got shot and killed while in pursuit of a suspect.
  • He remembers not understanding why bad people would want to hurt good people. He also recalls that while watching 9/11 on his bed, holding his newborn child, he felt compelled to tell his wife that he was joining the military. She said he wouldn’t be married if he did. His friend was applying to the police force and it was at that moment he decided, he was meant to be a police officer, from the culmination of those two events. But he still had no idea who he was. Even being part of the police force, which is a huge brotherhood of men, didn’t help him discover who he was.

“If you don’t know who you are, a group will not help you figure that out.”- Gerritt

Topic #2   

To Protect and Serve

  • Gerritt decided that if he was going to be a police officer, he would be the best one that ever was. Being the best at his job, took precedence over all the other areas in his life. Over his wife, kids, family, over everything. He rose in the ranks in the police force. He was part of the Gang Task Force, SWAT, was an undercover officer, the list goes on. He was chasing something on the exterior, the he would never find. Gerritt was protecting and serving everyone, but his family.
  • He would rather run towards gunfire then breach what was happening in his own home. His family was begging him to be the man of his home and he wasn’t. About 12 years in, he started to feel that his family was the reason he wasn’t happy or fulfilled. Most men are taught not to feel, and he was suppressing his feelings. Gerritt was promoted to Sergeant and  during the ceremony, he took a picture with his wife. Although they were only inches from each other, they were miles apart.
  • The divorce rate among Police Officers is well over 50 % and it’s not because the job is hard. Within 2 months from that day, Gerritt had cheated on his wife, started drinking and began to abuse prescription drugs. Working constantly to avoid his family, he finally told his wife he was done and was leaving. He abandoned his children, at an age where they needed him most. She had no idea what he was doing.

“He doesn’t even know even of you in the Nation and he just dropped all that shit on you guys. He can do that because he is now free. ”-Nick

Topic #3

The Voice

  • For the next 4 or 5 months, Gerritt lived with his friend, but was working constantly and sleeping in his truck most nights. He wasn’t protecting or serving anyone, especially himself. The very thing he thought would make him happy, was now destroying his life.
  • One night while laying in his truck, he wondered how he ended up where he was. A voice said to him,” What are you waiting for?” He knew what he needed to do. He knew he was on a collision course with death. He knew he needed to go back home. He apologized to his wife and told her what had been going on.
  • The next 3 years, Gerritt was still resisting the voice, wouldnt submit. His wife finally told him that they either get committed to fixing what was wrong or they were done. He knew he had to come clean about everything. It was a bomb that he dropped on her. She looked at him and asked why he didn’t just tell her, because she already knew. Now he was a liar also. But getting all of it out was liberating. For once the truth, she was mad and crying, but he was finally honest.
  • It was a journey getting from there to here. He was searching for the, “thing.” Nothing was getting him to where he wanted to go. He found the Warrior Way video and 2 minutes in, he knew he wanted to be all in. He sent an email and immediately one of the trainers sent him a text, that said,”What are you waiting for?” Just like the voice did one year before.
  • He knew this was his path. He was comfortable in his career but was given the opportunity to become a Certified Trainer. He said no and went home. He saw a video with Garrett J. White and it changed his mind. He began to map out a plan. 2 weeks later he resigned his position on the police force, with only 5 years until retirement. It was his career, but not what he was called to do.

“Some of you mother fuckers, right now, are listening to this and it is speaking volumes to you. Because you have something inside of you, that is eating away, you will never be free until you liberate yourself, by telling the truth. ”-Nick

Closing Thoughts

  • NIck shares that Gerritt was the fastest man to ever become Certified. His life is unrecognizable. His daughter is 15 now and the epitome of the perfect child. She came to Gerritt and said the she didn’t know where the voices were coming from, but she wanted to hurt herself. He was floored, upset at first, but he realized he was trained; he had the tools to move her through this moment. And he was able to do it.
  • Gerritt has his own podcast and movement, that you can check out by going to He has just re-committed to the basics, which means, he will wake up and do his Core 4 and his Stack. He adds that you are not alone. You’ve been given a gift to escape your prison. What are you waiting for?

Nick reminds the listeners to go to and download the Gap Map and subscribe, rate and review this podcast.

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