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The East Coast Assassin Anthony Buscilio

In this episode of The Next 90, Nick is joined in the studio by Anthony Buscilio. They share the stories of how they met, what kept them going and what continues to feed the beast. Growing a successful business depends on many factors, but making the decision to start and not stop is essential. It’s about being relentless, playing to win every day, and you can always do more.


Topic #1

Jersey Grit

  • Nick begins this episode by introducing Anthony Buscilio, also referred to as the East Coast Assassin, and the Jersey Kid. He is Nick’s East Coast counterpart. A 41 year old Italian, Anthony has been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. He has had a mortgage business, a private jet business a work from home business and he built up a massive call center that is making about $10 million a year. He shut that down. He now has a profitable Amazon business and is building back up his call center.
  • Anthony has made money and gone broke 3 times and at 41 he understands sustainability. His mentor always tells him that Anthony has learned the hard way. Every time his companies have failed it is when they just go over the 3 million mark. This is because he doesn’t have financial leadership in place. This time Anthony will have the right people in the right seats from the beginning.
  • Nick agrees that it’s a lot of work. Anything that’s worth it is. It becomes who you are, this way of life. It doesn’t define you, it refines you. It refines you as a human being and as a man. Nick really admires Anthony’s resilience. His fucking grit.
  • Anthony shares a story of when he spoke at an Amazon event with 100 people in the room. He had a heavier woman in a skirt ask what she could do. He told her to do something she normally wouldn’t. He had her do push-ups on the ground. Everyone was cheering her on. They couldn’t keep Anthony up on the stage. He just kept moving around the room. The lady who did the push-ups thanked him for getting her out of her comfort zone. She had a problem with mindset and it was just what she needed.
  • Nick refers to that as a contrary action, because you are doing something contrary to get something different.

“Most people will live a life of discomfort because it is comfortable.”- Nick

Topic #2   

Big Balls and Paying the Price

  • Anthony states that he isn’t smarter than anyone, he just has and a hard work ethic and big fucking balls. He is willing to die in the ring, he will lay it all on the table to get what he wants. Anthony and Nicks paths crossed 10 years ago, it was at a low point for both of them. Anthony was coming out of the mortgage business. Nick was just coming off his big implosion on all levels. Nick had a little call center. These guys come out from the East Coast and they had an idea about selling updates through Google, Yahoo and Bing. They were going to get businesses signed up.
  • They took it back East and it went bananas. They had 2 offices, East and West Coast, they were doing great. Nick had a cancerous partner at the time and Anthony added that if it had not been for that company they would have locked arms. This guy got into Nicks mind, telling him what to do and not to do. How he should not listen to the East Coast guys. They fought and went their separate ways. Anthony turned it into a 10 million dollar business.
  • At that time Nick went to the very bottom of it. He adds that when you meet certain people, and you genuinely care about their success, and they care about yours, it’s because they know what the struggle is like, to get to where they have gotten too. Anthony remembers a coach who told him if you want success enough you have to pay the price. With foreclosures, bankruptcies, he went through it. After everyone was out of the mortgage business, he couldn’t make money for 2 years. People started telling him to get a job. Anthony was saying to them, “Fuck off!” He was an entrepreneur.
  • Anthony’s parents set him up. A defining moment for him, they invited him to dinner. His Uncle who was there approached him and told him about a waiter job he could get him. Anthony couldn’t believe it. His parents had set him up. He was upset because no one believed in him.

“You are 100% in charge of you. You are the master of your fate, captain of your soul, the only one. Saying yes to that job would have been saying no to his dreams.”Nick

Topic #3

Amazon and the Warrior

  • Nick shares that the whole reason he went to Warrior, all of the transformation happened in his life, it’s because Anthony introduced him to Warrior. Anthony’s friend Kevin told him about Warrior and Anthony told Nick and then Nick was the only one of the three that went. Nick went and paid the $15,000 fee, he is $200,000 into this, but what he gained was a whole new life, a new perspective. The investment into his mindset, into this way of life, translated into 2 business doing 8 figures, a new startup, personal brand and a podcast.
  • Anthony hasn’t gone to Warrior but subscribes to the same ways. He figured out he isn’t a reader, so he does audiobooks while he is driving. He writes his goals every day in his goal book. And touches base with his kids every day. Just that little bit alone has brought change. Anthony also does a lot of content every week. 4 Facebook lives a week, and YouTube videos. Nick tells him that he is doing the Core 4. The only thing he is missing is the meditation. When you pour into yourself, pour into your business, pour into others, crazy shit will unlock in your life.
  • Anthony talks about how he has an Amazon Merch business. He originally thought the margins were going to be bigger, but they aren’t. He hates it. He realized that platform is not getting him where he wants to be. He wants to build a 100 million dollar company. He changed the platform to a Merch by Amazon. You put a design up on Amazon, someone orders it, Amazon prints and ships it. They handle the free returns and customer service. He holds no inventory. Once he started that he started doing content for it. Started a podcast, “Amazon Merch Jersey Edition.”
  • If you go to you can access all of his links. Anthony teaches people how to get into the business. He is all in on content.  It’s about manifesting it in your mind. Feeding the beast. Backing it up with your body, balance, being and business. Everything is starting to tie in and it’s all working.

“I have not given up on what I want. That is all I talk about. My 100 million dollar business.”-Anthony

Closing Thoughts

  • Nick shares that Anthony just keeps going. You need to stop, stopping. Nick has seen men just keep going and they have surpassed him. Anthony feels like to get to the next level he needs to move to the West Coast. Change his influence and contacts. He feels that he needs the energy from the guys out west.
  • Nick asks Anthony to tell the Nation about his Dad. Anthony says that his Dad is an old-school Italian. He isn’t in great shape. He is addicted to cheese and sausage. He had a mini-stroke about 5 years ago. The Dr. said his Dads arteries were really junky. Lots of stuff in there, like meat and cheese. His dad demands a lot of respect, expects things done without saying a word. He carries a wheel of cheese in his jacket and a knife.

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