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5 feet of Big Money

In this episode of the Next 90, Nick is joined in the studio by Ani Rivera. Ani is a lead trainer with Big Money Stylist. A movement that is growing and teaching artists and hair stylists to lead better lives. She inserted herself into the Warrior Way and has changed her life with the Core 4, 90-day challenges. Stop making excuses and waiting for someone to save you. It isn’t going to fucking happen.

Topic #1

Straight out of Missouri

  • Nick begins this episode by welcoming Ani Rivera to the Next 90 podcast. She is a lead trainer with Big Money Stylist, a movement that brought her from St. Louis to Laguna Beach 7 months ago. She helps artists and hair stylists to lead better lives, make more money while not having to continue being a slave behind the chair. The movement of Big Hair Stylist is growing in nature. It started 2 years ago with 11 people. The continuing education program now has 170 people.
  • They have a second convention is coming up, with 300 men and women are coming. Garrett J. White is their mutual mentor, and the founder of Wake Up Warrior, who essentially authored the Core 4 and the 90-day challenges. His wife Danielle, has a company called NBR, which is Natural Beaded Rows, beautiful hair extensions.
  • Big Money Stylists wanted to see if the same principles from Wake Up Warrior could work with females or in a different venue. Nick asks Ani what her experience has been applying her experience to these principles with the Core 4 and 90-day challenges? What has it done for the lives of the women you work with? Ani answers that you take on a lot, you have to have a lot of control and become more systematized so you can lead. These artists have taken it and owned it. She utilized the Gap Map and the Core 4 and started taking control of their lives. Only working 3 days doing hair and out producing with their husbands the rest of the time.
  • Nick shares that people approach this thinking it’s all about money and it’s not. It’s just the measuring stick when you get everything else that they want. The money came to Nick so fast he was a complete douche bag, a complete shit show. If your shit isn’t tight at home, if your body isn’t weaponized, if your not centered and grounded and have some purpose, money won’t change it.

“I could give you all the money in the world and it’s going to be like gripping sand; it will all just roll out of your hands.”- Nick

Topic #2   

Blindfolds and Tough Love

  • Ani told of how she was at Warrior Con and she kind of hid in the back because there weren’t any women allowed. She talked to a man outside and then he was telling her they had to choose the blindfolds of what they were having the most problem inside the body, being, balance, and business. And he kept choosing business. She asked him how his marriage was. The man answered that it wasn’t great but if he could get back to making the money he was before. She asked him how his marriage was when he was making money and he said well you know it probably, maybe, could have used work. So Ani told him that money is not his problem, it was his marriage. The man went and changed his blindfold, maybe balance was his issue.
  • Nick asks Ani if these Core 4 principles just for men? Or can it apply to anybody? Ani states that it applies to anybody. The Core 4 is a human being type of thing. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or the power player inside of your home, it’s about having balance. You may not start out a producer but you will become one. Even when you’re tired, you have to do these things. Get healthy, drink your greens and take a vitamin. You need to meditate which gives you more power, makes you more on point. That bleeds over into the business itself. You just can’t have your life be a complete shit show and think you can make it better.
  • Without health, balance, being centered; having money will mean nothing. Nick adds that a business doesn’t have problems, a business has people and their problems. At home, in the body, in his finances. He has applied these principles in his life to show them how to set the path. Massive changes in his business because of it.
  • Nick shares the story of a girl who has worked for him for 11 years. Her name is Jenn and she is Samoan. With being Samoan comes traditions of food and larger people. Jenn hated that about her heritage and her body. She saw Nick going through the changes in his life and in his body and she wanted that for herself. Nick agreed to help her but he told her she had to be all in. He would lean into her hard but with love. She started at 500 pounds and in one year lost 130 pounds. She is still losing because of the elements of the Core 4.

“It’s not a cookie cutter way of doing things. Everyone has different goals and different experiences; different results. ”-Ani

Topic #3

Expectations and Communication

  • Ani shares the stories of two women. The first was a single Mom who never had the disposable income to do anything with her twins. She is now able to do all of the extras for them. She is engaged to a man with 4 kids. She is working 3-4 days and has the rest of her time to spend with her family. Her fiance is stepping away from his business to watch the kids so she can concentrate on being the provider and producer. The other woman is named Makayla. She has always made good money and has a son who is 4 with diabetes. She has to wake up about every hour throughout the night to check on him. Still working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, she now does 4 days a week and makes about 43,000.00 per month and she is off every day to pick him up from school. The Core 4 has changed everything for them.
  • Ani was dating someone for a minute and he was inside warrior, we ended it though. They would stack each other every day and read each other’s stacks. Like here’s my problems with you today. Never from a place of anger. Just this is how I’m feeling today and we were always able to find a super clear space to talk and just be so open. It all comes back to Core 4, because if you can’t get your life in order then, and know that you are calm, centered, and able to move forward and have that power within yourself, you can’t continue to lead anybody.
  • Nick shares that the Stack is a tool they use inside of the 90-day challenges and Core 4. It’s like vomiting up your feelings and then providing perspective around them. If you want to know more about the stack, go to and sign up to start changing your life. The Core 4 is a Human Being thing and the vitamins are life. Nick asks Ani to tell the Nation about her life 8 months ago. Ani shares that she lived in St. Louis and she was inside her own suite doing her hair about 4 days a week.
  • She was making about $20,000 a month and just bought her first home. She was engaged at the time, so when the chance was offered to her to come to California and be a trainer for BMS she commuted back and forth. Garrett told her where it was going and what part he wanted her for inside the company, but he said she had to move. She had to be in or out. She said, “Fuck it” and she was in. She left everything, rented her house and jumped on a plane.
  • Nick asks what was happening inside of you? That’s a big move. Pack your shit and leave everything? What was it that made you do that? Ani shares that when she set her vision for 12 months from now, something told her MBS was her place where she would have to be. When Garrett said jump, she said how high. She was scared shitless.

“No one will ever save you. If you can’t help yourself, no one can do it for you. I just kept making more and more moves. ”-Ani

Topic #4

Warrior Women

  • Nick shares that his wife never takes a back seat. She is never behind him unless she is pushing his ass. Otherwise, they are side by side in everything. Nick adds that Ani is empowering women to find their own purpose. Ani says that the more she got right in her life her list of non-negotiables in her life. Things are clear to her because she is clear. Nick can feel her power and clarity, he asks Ani how that makes her feel to have that?
  • Ani answers she knows now where she is going her life is 100% up to her. Knowing she can make a change whenever and however she wants. She doesn’t ask permission. Inside her group, they call her the Velvet Hammer. She is very tough, but she does it in love. Nick adds that you know who you are and where you are, because of your beliefs, action, and decision. You don’t have to stay where you are at. You can start applying these principles. If you don’t do jack shit, you will get jack shit.
  • Nick shares that Ani went from $4,000 to $43,000 to whatever now, per month. Shes leading 160 + women and 5 men inside the Big Money Stylist Group and it’s about to go double. What about Warrior Woman? Garrett always said he wouldn’t coach women, he thought he wasn’t cut out for it. He started co-creating in his wife’s business and they got closer as a couple and then he applied Core 4 and 90-day challenges to the hair industry; women grabbed ahold of it and ran. He saw Ani, rise up, and it started Warrior Women. Now Ani will be stepping in as one of the lead trainers in Warrior Women.

“She is 5’1”, 100 pounds and is the most petite woman but, you can feel the raw power coming off of her every day because she chooses to step into the Core 4.”-Nick

Closing Thoughts

  • Ani encourages that women now have no excuse. Stop sitting at home waiting for your husband to change. You can be the change. You can only control what you do, so you get your life together at Warrior Week for Women. Start your Core 4, your 90-day challenge and it guarantees you will be the queen. It will get your King on his knees or to his feet. You will know his level of commitment. When you rise and he doesn’t come along, maybe there is a tough conversation that needs to be had.
  • You are the one that needs to make the change. To continue forward you have to change. Doing the Gap Map and being honest about where you are.
  • You can listen to Ani on Tuesdays on the Big Money Stylist podcast on Itunes and everywhere. Also, you can go to

To get more information about that movement. Also, find out and sign up for Warrior Women by visiting The first Warrior Week for Women is in August. The first Warrior Wealth Summit is in October.

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