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In Today’s Podcast…The Summit

In this episode of the Next 90, Nick shares with the Nation his tale of taking on the Summit at Mount Whitney. Learning the hard way that commitment and preparation are everything is tough while you’re sitting on the ice. Knowing that the Mountain isn’t going anywhere until you climb it will drive you to conquer and succeed in the future. Make, prepare and attack a plan to go at your Next 90 and take that Summit. 


Topic #1

Cuddle Time

  • Nick begins this episode by announcing that he has a lot of things coming down the pipe. Great things are happening because of the changes he has made by leveling up his life and living it 90 days at a time. He wants to do the same for the Nation.
  • Nick set out last Saturday to climb the Summit at Mount Whitney. It is 14,500 feet and the tallest peak in the continental United States and is located in Lone Pine, California. He had attempted the climb in the dead of winter, once before. Nick talks about how his Dad has Multiple Sclerosis. He used to be a marathon runner and now is wheelchair bound because of his disease. Together with his family, Nick started the Kevin V. Long foundation years ago. They set up challenges that bring awareness to the foundation. They decided to climb Mount Whitney.
  • Normally you can do the trail in a day in warmer months. When he attempted it before there was snow everywhere. They slept 2 days on the trail and were even trapped in their tents for 18 hours during a blizzard. Nick had borrowed his Uncles gear, which was rated for -30 degrees. So Nick was warm and cozy. His friend Mark had a bag that was rated for normal conditions. Nick woke up and Mark was cuddling him because he was freezing. Nothing weird happened it was about survival. They didn’t make the summit because it was unsafe and Nick got high altitude sickness.

“I was excited to try the Summit again, but I had not really prepared for mountaineering. I didn’t know that the snowpack was around 11,000 feet in June.”

Topic #2   

Crampons, Cramp Offs

  • When Nick’s cousin, Delaney called and asked him if would climb the Summit with her, he jumped at the chance. Nick was all in. He would use it as his physical challenge. He wasn’t really prepared for mountaineering and didn’t know that the snowpack was down at 11,000 feet. So when his cousin asked if he had a snow pick and crampons, he was surprised he needed them because it was almost June. They planned to set out at 3 am. Nicks wife ran around and purchased the ice pick and couldn’t find any crampons. She found a pair from some guy that Nick didn’t know. He was doing everything last minute. Remember the interested vs committed podcast? Nick’s body was committed but his mindset was not exhibiting anything but interested, from a gear standpoint
  • On the first night out in the motorhome, Nick and his wife and 2 kids were miserable. They didn’t get any sleep because the kids were restless. Nick thought no way was this going to happen the night before his climb, so he got his family a room at the Comfort Inn and he camped alone. He grabbed his crampons and they looked okay. He threw them into his bag and met his cousin at 3 am. They were making a great time and had gone about 6 miles and 3500 vertical feet by 7 am. They were on track to reach the summit by 10:30 am.
  • They stopped and pulled out their crampons. These are metal plates that cramp on to your boots so you can walk on and climb up ice. His were missing a piece. A guy came by and helped him tweak them so they would go on and he could feel right away that they were not sturdy. Every step he took the crampons would stay in the ice and not on his boot. Feeling his cousins anxiousness to keep going, he told her to go ahead. Nick sat there and asked himself, “How did this happen?” He knew it was because he was teetering on the edge of interested and committed.

“Because I failed to prepare, I prepared to fail.”

Topic #3

Lesson Learned

  • Because Nick didn’t prepare, he didn’t test his equipment he was stuck on the ice, asking everyone that passed by if they had extra crampons. He met a very funny couple and he told them the story of how he had attempted the climb before, about what was happening now and about this podcast. There is no losing only learning and he was going to turn this into a learning lesson for himself. He was going to share it with the Nation. When you fail to prepare, you better prepare to fail episode. So he didn’t make it for the second time. His roadblocks were stronger than his actual desire and commitment to get up that mountain.
  • What does this have to do with 90-day challenges? Everything. If you just do half-assed challenges and you don’t sit down and take time to figure out where you need to be in 30 days, 60 days and what you will look like in 90 days. If you don’t write down your plan if you don’t have a Core 4 plan on a week to week basis. If you’re not accessing what you got inside your Core 4, you’re going to be a man on a mountain that can’t go any further then your actual skill set can take you. The Core 4 and 90-day challenges are about increasing your capacity. And increasing your skill set so you don’t get stuck on the ice. Watching people pass you by as the ascend to the top of the Mountain, as they ascend to the top of their goals, while you’re sitting there panhandling for crampons. Waiting for someone to come save you. Nobody is coming to save you. You must save yourself, you must be prepared. Learn from him.

“I broke my own cardinal rule of details matter and be committed; Don’t just be interested.”

Closing Thoughts

  • Nick shares that he is not perfect. He is just a man. He fucks up all the time but he learns because he has trained his mind to have perspective and his body to adapt and learn. So he is going back to the drawing board and taking this lesson and figuring out how to Summit that Mountain.
  • Nicks question to the Nation is, Where in your life are you failing to prepare and what are you actually preparing to fail at? Is it your marriage, your body or your bank account? Is it all of the Core 4? Do you think your sheer desire is going to Will your way to your 90-day target? You have to have a plan and execute it. Nick did not have one and did not summit Mt. Whitney.
  • Nick adds that the saddest part is when he came down the Mt. with fury because he was so pissed off. Just as he walked into camp and poured himself a cup of coffee, he got a picture of his cousin Delaney at the top of the Summit by the elevation sign. And he was so happy for her and so deflated for himself. She reached the Summit at 10:45 am, which was the exact time that she had planned. She had don’t the work and had trained her body. She deserved to be there.

You can subscribe rate and review this podcast by going to  and download the Gap Map. Make, prepare and attack your plan. Prepare yourself for the Summit.

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