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In This Week’s Podcast…Surfs Up


In this episode of the Next 90, Nick is joined in the studio by Mark Moss. Mark shares some wisdom on how he has mastered the art of investing, not only in assets but in himself. Get your business under control and your money working for you.


Topic #1

Hanging Ten in Fiji

  • Nick begins this episode by introducing to the Nation, his longtime friend Mark Moss. Mark just returned from a surfing trip to Fiji that was a bucket list item of his. The best part was being able to take his family with him to enjoy the waves. Mark is not a typical Nation member. He is not affiliated with the Warrior Nation but lives his life following the Core 4, 90 days at a time.
  • Mark was introduced to the Warrior Way lifestyle through his wife who had business dealings with its founder. Mark being a Marketer helped Nick grow his business substantially. Nick shares how he only had 14.00 in his checking account when he married his wife, but he made a huge investment in himself and joined Warrior. Mark talks about how accountability ties to investing non-traditionally. Everyone is a business owner because you run your family and that’s a business in itself.  Mark always made more money by investing, then from his business. You work really hard for your money, you need to make your money work hard for you.

You have to invest to make money. Living beneath your means and investing the rest.”-Mark

Topic #2   

Allocating Your Assets

  • Nick asks Mark to share the #1 secret to success in investing. Marks notes that all things are very simple in theory, but hard to achieve. Asset allocation is key; assets should not cost you money, they should grow your money. Not putting all of your money into one thing, but allocate your money into several assets such as real estate, bonds, and commodities. Allocating your money is crucial in the event that one or two crash. It’s all about Risk to Reward. Mark is a risk taker, but he still allocates his assets to other areas.
  • Nick talks about how the Core 4 is Asset Allocation. Mark currently is investing heavily in the cryptocurrency market. He has always been very good at spotting trends in technology markets. Mark started an investing newsletter but wasn’t sure anyone would be interested. Knowing how important it is to tune into the market and knowing what your consumer wants is vital. He didn’t realize it was so in demand until he experienced a million dollars in sales in 20+ days.

“You get paid in life for the value we provide not the service we give.You need to invest in yourself, before investing anywhere else.”- Mark

Topic #3

Live Low, Earn High

  • No matter how much you make you need to live on less; live on less today, so you can have a future tomorrow. Nick adds that you need to decide and sacrifice over time to get different results. Principles are few but methods are many. You reap what you sow.
  • How do you start? Mark has a free download which is an Asset Allocation Guide. If you visit , will also have this link on
  • The guide gives you a way to think about your investments. It will walk through your process of investing at your risk levels. Continue looking at yourself as a business owner, in running your home.

“The 4 “Departments” of your business need to be firing all at once by utilizing the Core 4.”-Nick

Closing Thoughts

  • It all starts with deciding. Marks investments are spread out but mostly focused on cryptocurrency. He feels he is good in all areas except accountability. Nick adds that The Next 90 will help Mark with that. Mark closes by saying it is all about setting goals and achieving them. Having success fuels you forward. Take bite-sized pieces and success will keep growing.
  • You can learn more about cryptocurrency by looking Mark up on Facebook and Youtube @ I Love Crypto or on Twitter @ stronghandshodl.


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