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In This Week’s Podcast…Mr. X, Part Deux


In this episode of the Next 90, Nick continues his step-by-step with Mr. X. In the previous episode, Nick stripped Mr. X down by getting just the facts and being radically honest. The stage is now set to build the framework for the first, Core 4, 90-day challenge. because the “Gap” has now been exposed.


Topic #1

Recap the Gap

  • Nick begins this episode by reminding the listeners that this podcast is the 2nd of two where he introduced “Case Study Mr. X.” He encourages the Nation to replace their name with Mr. X and apply all the exercises from part one and part two of this series. All areas of the Core 4 were covered and the Gap was exposed to where Mr. X is now and where he wants to be in 90 days.
  • Nick is now ready to help Mr. X frame out his Next 90 days. A check for $5000.00 was required to create an accountability factor. Nick will not cash the check unless Mr. X taps out and doesn’t meet his 90 day challenges. Nick reminds Mr. X and the listeners that this is not an overnight transformation, but a journey of 90 days towards building the Core 4.

“Going through the 1st step has allowed me to be present and ready to move forward.”- Mr. X

Topic #2   

Move Your Ass

  • To begin the framework for the 90-day challenges, a target needs to be set in each of the Core 4 areas. Starting with a “Body” Target. Mr. X admits that he has run marathons but hated it and the thought of a Triathlon scares him. Nick sets the first target for “Body” to be for Mr. X to compete in a Sprint Triathlon. This will be moving and training every day and the nutrition, body shaping and weight loss from that training, will propel him forward to reach the target.
  • The second area is “ Balance”, specifically his wife. Mr. X desires for them to have more time together on purpose. Nick tells Mr. X that in 90 days he needs to plan, and execute a 2-day staycation with his wife. Also, he needs to take her on 7 dates and send her a text message daily. He challenges Mr. X to also have 7 breakfasts with his oldest son and spend intentional time with his 2 youngest. This is the target for the Next 90 for the Core, “Balance”.
  • The third area is “Business”. Nick suggests that he reaches an obtainable $50,000.00 in 90 days. Mr. X agrees to the target number and that if he can do that it will change everything.
  • The fourth area is” Being”. Nick challenges Mr. X to set a target of 10 minutes of meditation every day, and then journal his discoveries from the meditation. Nick gets reassurance from Mr. X that he is committed to the process and it is a lifestyle change that he can complete and easily rinse and repeat.

“You need to have intention, desire, and ruthless commitment. Every day do something. It’s about hitting singles each day, not home runs.”- Nick

Closing Thoughts

  • Ending the podcast with a brief guided meditation, Nick reminds Mr. X to set intentions. Imagine telling your family what you’re going to do. See your future self and see that future you, doing things. If you own this, it will be a pivotal time in our life.

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