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In This Week’s Podcast…The Importance of Desire

In this episode of the Next 90, Nick is joined by Travis Rosser. Travis is a friend and brother in the Wake Up the Warrior brotherhood. Nick met Travis at a Warrior Weekend in 2015 and is ready to have him share his story with the Next 90 Nation.


Topic #1 A Little Background


  • Nick opens this episode with  Introducing Travis Rosser to his listeners. He jumps right in with questions regarding what led to their meeting in 2015. Nick states that Travis is a successful businessman and made plenty of money, so what was it about the Core 4 that drew him into living a Challenge Based lifestyle. With his marriage falling apart in 2013, Garrett Whites raw honesty is what drew Travis into the Warrior Way.
  • With Warrior Weekend being very physical, Nick found out what Travis was made of during an endurance challenge. Looks are deceiving when push comes to shove or when sandbags are hanging over your head.  Travis shares how he had endured a lot of pain in his life and just channeled it to succeed in his Warrior training. Nick added that it isn’t just about making money, but getting huge results. With Travis experiencing radical shifts in his life, he met his first 90-day challenge in 10 days.
  • Following his divorce and a few unhealthy relationships, Travis shares how he utilized a Decision Making filter from the teachings of Russ Perry.  Writing down the 72 items that his queen would possess, led him to his wife Paola. Nick reminds the listeners that you need to continually set targets that scare you. Travis agreed and added that his list helped him set that target by filtering out who he didn’t want to date.


What kind of targets have you set for your life?


Topic #2 Falling Away and Getting Back on Track

  • Travis talks about how falling into old routines became a reality for him, but that the Warrior Way is one you never forget. When you stop growing, things in your life stop firing on all cylinders.Travis stated that the kick in the nuts was when his wife, Paola, told him he wasn’t the man she married. With encouragement from Nick and his Warrior brothers, Travis was able to become re-engaged and experienced something completely different.
  • Nick states that Travis has come full circle living a leveled up life. Nick adds that Travis is in the middle of his first 90 days since coming back. Travis shares how he was coasting through life before the Warrior Weekend, he lost connection with the voice but is committed to digging in. The Next 90 gives you tools like stacking, tips, and tricks for living the Warrior Way and being honest with ruthless commitment.

Have you ever tried to change but ended up falling back into the same old routines? Why do you think that is?

Closing Thoughts


What’s next for Travis? He is writing a book, and having continued success with his company, Kajabi. Travis recalls an interview he saw with the actor, Matthew McConaughey. Matthew was asked who his hero was. He answered that his hero was himself in 10 years and he just keeps chasing that man in the future. Travis said that is his challenge for himself; to keep chasing that man in the future. Nick states that is what the Challenged Based lifestyle is about, living life 90 days at a time. It’s about what you want and brings your voice to the forefront. Nick thanks Travis for being his first guest on his podcast. Listeners can go to and, to see more of what Travis is about.

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