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2 men and the Wolf of Wall Street

In This Week’s Podcast…Origins and Purpose

In this inaugural episode of the Next 90, Nick welcomes his listeners to what will be the first of many life-changing podcasts. He shares the story of 2 men that radically changed his life, and altered the path of his journey from the material, to the challenge based lifestyle that gave him everything. The O.C. has never been the same.



Topic #1 Grandfather


  • Nick opens up by introducing the first of two men that radically changed his life. His Grandfather. A family man, the staple of the family, a World War II vet, a great man. He remembers driving out to Lake Mead near Vegas in his Grandfather’s powder blue El Camino, with Willie Nelson on the radio. To Nick, he was a hero. His Grandfather, who was an only child always wanted a big family. It was his life’s focus; to build his legacy.
  • The last time Nick would see his Grandfather was at the V.A. hospital in Long Beach, California. He remembers walking into that hospital room and it was filled with 4 generations of his family. His Grandfather was married for 70 years, had 6 children, 10 grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren. At 91 years old he had achieved the goal of his life’s journey; a large family, a living legacy.
  • Nick thought of his own life and it was a punch in the face. He thought he had everything. A successful business, more than enough money in the bank, stability. He considered himself the Wolf of Wall Street, Orange County edition. But reaching out and touching his Grandfather’s hand, a voice bubbled up within him saying,”you were meant for more.” Nick’s Aunt came into the room, the last of the 5 surviving children of his Grandparents, she said,”Dad, I’m here.” At that moment his Grandfather opened his eyes, smiled and breathed his last breath. Nick collapsed and began to pound his fists on the floor yelling, “NO!” He was saying no to the life he had been living. He adds that his Grandfather’s death began the catalyst of his life, from that moment forward. He left the hospital and bought a bottle of gin; his Grandfather drank gin each night at 5 pm. He poured two glasses, one for himself and one for his Grandfather and made the decision to use his talents and strengths to change his life into a life of purpose.

Who are two people that you look up to? And why?


Topic #2 Look who’s coming to dinner


  • Nick begins his new journey by trying to contact a woman he had not treated very well.His first 4 attempts were met with a quick hello and a hang-up. He decided to send her a text that simply said his Grandfather had died. He thought that she would want to know because she was the one girl that seemed to connect with his Grandfather when she met him. Nick shares how he would take different girls to dinner at his Grandfather’s house, and he would brag about what he had going on financially, materialistically. His Grandfather would never say anything. But when Nick took this particular girl there, his Grandfather engaged with her. He took notice of her and spent time talking to her. He looked at Nick and told him that she was the one, that he could see it in her eyes. So at this time in his life when he was becoming grounded, he was led back to this woman. He called again and apologized for everything he had done, she said okay then hung up again.
  • Nick recalled how in 2+ years he had never seen her, but in the 90 days, since his Grandfather passed, he saw her 3 times. Nick just kept punching at that door that was blocking him, until it finally came down. He invited her, Nicole, to Guatemala to see if they could give life a go together. He recalls how he was overwhelmed by the whole experience of being there with her, and hearing his Grandfather’s voice saying she was the one. Nick told Nicole that he wanted to marry her one day and have children with her. He was ready to take responsibility. She melted. They have been married 4 years and have 2 children.

Do you personally believe in fate?


Topic #3 The Man behind Door #2


  • Nick talks about staying on track to be a better man. He wasn’t sure he knew what that meant but knew he wanted to be able to show his son that he could be. He was physically and financially fit, but to become everything, he needed to achieve the 4 pillars; Financially, Physically, Relationally, and Spiritually Fit. That’s when he found Garrett J. White, the second man who would radically change his life. The founder of “Wake up the Warrior”, a life coach and trainer for the “Have it All Lifestyle.” Nick recalls how he went down a rabbit hole of videos, taking in all he could to become a better man. He read about Garrett J. White and his “Warrior Week” that was basically a Strong Man event for the motivational men of the 21st Century. It came at a steep price of $15,000.00, but he knew that it would be the turning point he needed. Nick shares how he went to his wife right away because he was living by “the code” and being completely honest with her. He reminded Nicole of the clarity he had in Guatemala, and she immediately told him to go. He talks about how he lost 30 pounds and has connection and collision with his wife now. Nicole calls him on his shit consistently; he listens to his wife, collaborates with her. For the first time he loves himself, and it was rooted in these 2 men who caused the radical shifts in his life forever.

Do you have someone in your life that will call you out on your shit?


Closing Thoughts


Following his new journey, people became intoxicated by being around him and his new way of life. Nick started the “90 Day Challenge” to teach others a scientific formula for living a “level life”. It isn’t an easy journey, but one that takes 1 to 2 years of hard work and ruthless commitment. He reminds listeners that it’s not how you arrive at the end of your life, but about the journey, you take to get there. The Challenge will take you through the 4 cores; Body, Being, Balance, and Business. He encourages everyone to own the next 90 days and levels up their life with challenge-based living.

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