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Balance Doesn’t Exist

Everybody asks me as a CEO of two eight figure businesses, “how do you find time to balance everything?” Or they say something like, “Wow, must be hard to have balance in your life.” When I look at them, they’re perplexed when I say, “Well, balance doesn’t exist.” You see, balance is this idea that things are equally weighted or one thing weighs more than the other; thus you have to stack up things in order for it to be “balanced.”

Balance in the modern day does not exist. My family is my priority, but so is making money and so is making money for the families of all the hundreds of employees that I have, so I can’t say I just want to spend all of my time with the family. Conversely, I can’t spend all my time in the business and not be present for my family. So rather than the word balance, which in and of itself feels like it requires a lot of work, I use the word harmony, harmony being between being a father, being a husband, being a businessman, and just being me.

Imagine your life as an orchestra. It’s composed of so many different things. There are so many different things in our life, and so you’ve got all these instruments and you are the orchestrator of the orchestra, and you begin. You need to bring harmony. You need to have all of it working together symbiotically which creates what we call balanced life, but what I call a peaceful and harmonious one. So when you look at your life, don’t search for balance. Search for harmony, and if you do, your life will be a masterpiece.

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