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99 Problems

Problem Solving Formula:

First of all…there are not problems…there are merely solutions. Yet to be found. The reframing of this is key as you will go from feeling stuck to understanding that you are only a short while away from finding what you need.

The Solution System:

Most of the solutions we need can be found in a handful of places.1) Memory recall – have we been here before and what did we do to solve this issue. There may be some slight variations that we need to apply but we already know what to do!

2) The tool kit – what tools do we have in our existing tool kit (or skills set) that can be the solution. Most people panic when a problem arises not knowing that they are already equipped to handle it. Remember calm is contagious and it’s a lot more powerful than chaos.

3) History Lesson – there are very few problems that we encounter that are brand new. Most have been around for years (or even 100s) and are merely new to us.  We can do research and see what solutions worked for others in the past. Technology in today’s age is abundant and we can quickly find what we need in the palm of our hands

4) Life Line – our ego is not our amigo. Most of us don’t want to admit we need help so we sit quietly with a fake smile while we are melting on the inside. Everyone has issues they encounter and it’s human nature to want to help.  Call someone you know and trust and bounce it off of them…they may have the answer you’re looking for. Your solution is simply a phone call away.

5) Time is in your side – life is a series of highs and lows. Don’t let the down times hold you down and don’t let the highs give you a false sense of reality. Ride it out and as they say…this too shall pass!

Next time you find yourself in a jam…breathe and think through the solution system and which one applies to you.  This won’t be the last time you will ever have a problem arise but the good news is…it’s not the first.

Stop focusing on the problem and start hunting down the solution!!

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